Penguin George
One person iOS software development studio, and student. Currently studying at UWE Bristol.


Software developer, designer, tester, ...

Artisan? OK, maybe not. I'm George, an iOS and backend software developer and student currently working in Cheltenham, UK. I try to create powerful, creative, and engaging productivity apps, drawing from my experiences of working in analytics, design, and cyber security businesses.

Over this past summer I was working at IRM Security, creating new tools for test plan automation, QA testing of SYNERGi, and doing business analysis to identify areas where processes could be optimised and improved.

Currently, I'm a full time Computer Science (BSc) student at UWE Bristol.



A detailed colour analysis app.

Colordrop is a colour analysis app for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Featured by Apple in 2015, Colordrop lets you capture colours from photos, then explore colour data such as shades, tints, colour space values, and more. The app is integrated with Adobe Creative Cloud too, so it's easy to import colours and images directly in to Colordrop.

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Colordrop for iOS.
Colordrop is an iOS app for colour analysis.

URL Melter

A URL shortener with powerful visitor metrics.

URL Melter is a URL shortener and analytics platform aimed towards professionals and small businesses. URL Melter provides an feature-rich iOS app, and shows a vast range of visitor data including top browsers and devices, as well as location.

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A test plan automation tool.

Hybrid is a test plan automation and tracking application developed as a bespoke tool for IRM Security. Hybrid automatically creates and tracks JIRA testing tickets relating to test plans created within the application, as well as importing of new tests, and export of resolved test plans for audit purposes.