Penguin George develops breakthrough apps and services. From Colordrop to URL Melter, take a look at what we've been up to.

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Developing productivity apps and services for creative professionals, small businesses and enterprise, Penguin George focuses on creating groundbreaking products which help people in their everyday work.

Launched in 2011, Penguin George has developed internationally recognised apps used by tens of thousands of people. Penguin George also develops bespoke apps. Contact us to see what we can offer.


Penguin George crafts apps for professionals and enterprise. Colordrop, our flagship app, is the most advanced colour analysis tool available on iOS, and is the easiest way for designers, photographers and artists to explore colours in depth. URL Melter is a web address shortening and analytics service, aimed at providing rich data for marketers and businesses to improve their campaigns and gain more traffic.


Colordrop is the premier app for graphic designers, photographers, artists and creative professionals who work with colour everyday. Capture and explore colours from images on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, or import from your Adobe Creative Cloud library. Explore colours in depth, including RGB values, tints and shades, complementary colours, alternative colour space values and more.

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URL Melter.

URL Melter is a URL shortening and analytics service. Every day, URL Melter helps thousands of people share the content that matters to them: from videos and photos, to documents, articles, business websites and more. Available on iOS and online, URL Melter makes it easy to shorten and share links on-the-go.

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